Broadcast Quality Live Feed Exchange over the Internet

A view of the inet user interface showing three main sections: encoders, multipoint channels and decoders. Each section has a series of video feeds displayed.

No Carriage Fees

Unlimited Usage

1 Second End-to-End Latency

Encode : Transport : Decode

Self-Managed Network

Intuitive Central Web Portal

24/7 Technical Support

Telephone, Email

As broadcasters move away from expensive satellite links and dedicated terrestrial circuits to the open Internet for production and distribution, the greatest challenge faced is how to maintain required reliability while operating in an environment which is uncontrolled and intrinsically unreliable.

iNet.Live offers a full-service, turnkey solution

Introducing BlackBelt

The next generation of portable live video technology

– Reliable video delivery on the go

– Cutting edge technology takes advantage of 5G networks to deliver content

Proprietary iNet Video Transport Protocol

  • Multiple integrated error correction techniques
  • Dual channel delivery support
  • Ultra Low latency
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Up to over nine 9s of reliability (99.9999999%)

Record & Cut Live Content in the Cloud

Capture, record, store and forward live transmissions.

  • Available for on-demand or scheduled recording of any stream carried over the iNet Service.
  • Hitless recordings – patched in cloud by source
  • Recorded events accessible while in progress
  • Automated voice to text conversion supports transcription and full video search over an entire event
  • No recording duration limit – ideal for coverage of days’ long events
  • Rough Cut editor provides fast and efficient mark in/mark out for segment extraction
  • Integrated cloud transcoding supports segment downloads in file format of choice

Powerful Video Analysis Tools

– Searchable automatic transcription, subtitle creation and machine translation of audio track

– Easily track impressions and tag clips with AI-powered video analysis for brand and facial recognition

Intelligent Global Infrastructure

  • Full geographically disperse redundancy
  • Self healing network
  • Segmented last mile error correction
  • High level routing around troubled areas of the internet
  • Dual channel path independence – no single point of failure

iNet Gateway Appliance

  • Best of breed commercial components
  • Desktop or rackmount options
  • Support for external third-party equipment (encoders, decoders, cameras)
  • Onboard HD/SDI capabilities up to 4 encode/decode
  • Secure – no open inbound firewall ports
  • Appliance cost included in monthly service fee (no Capex)

iNet 100 Service

iNet’s premium transport service comes with a 100% reliability guarantee* that sees customers refunded $1 from their monthly service fee for every video packet lost in transport  – and yes… there are 500 packets/second/channel


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*Terms and conditions apply

iNet Options

iNet.Live Mobile App

  • Live broadcast directly from your smartphone to multiple broadcast sites over the iNet Service
  • Phone feed delivered as broadcast stream and output HD/SDI via iNet Appliance
  • 3 second end-to-end latency
  • Available for iPhone and Android
  • Free to all iNet customers

iNet.Live Webcasting

  • On demand or scheduled designation of any stream carried by iNet for web distribution over the Wowza streaming service
  • Direct URL provided via UI for easy integration within your local website
  • Pay as you go


VideoShip is an employee-owned corporation established in 2004 by veterans of the data, broadcast, and cable industries. We use our decades of experience to design, develop, and deliver innovative and impactful solutions. We are driven to focus on each customer and leverage the latest technology to help them succeed.

Support comes from our 24/7 network operations center located in Pensacola, Florida. A team that answers your phone call when you need help.